Why Photographers love to use simple props to create stunning wedding photos

simple props to create stunning wedding photos


They are fairytales. Romantic, elegant, stylish, and beautiful!

These perceptions are all because of wedding photographers who capture simple moments in a most artistic way to fill those happy glimpses with lots of emotions and feelings. To bring freshness and get a new viewpoint, they look at the present frames at the venue. For example, a window, a tree, or fancy lights are examples of background components.


According to¬†Mallorca Wedding Photographer, the architectural aspects can help a wedding photographer create symmetry and balance in a shot. It’s critical to foster an environment that promotes good photography and innovative ideas. Using props at the wedding, pre-wedding, and post-wedding ceremonies create really dramatic and thrilling settings.


Mallorca Wedding Photographer is a reputed name in wedding photography in Mallorca, Ibiza, & Formentera, but you can avail of their services globally. They utilize innovative wedding photography accessories to make your wedding photographs appear spectacular. Most of the suggestions are cost-effective and will help you make even the most basic wedding venue appear stunning!


  • Veils are ideal foreground props for dreamy wedding photography, and a wedding photographer understands how to use the bride’s veil to create a beautiful foreground.


  • It’s a great idea to create flower crowns for the bride and her bridesmaids with wire, imitation flowers, and scissors, especially when the wedding has a rustic or bohemian vibe. Making a Bohemian flower crown gives your wedding photographer a more natural approach.


  • Another option for adding a sense of nostalgia to wedding photographs is to include a decorated antique vehicle in the picture shoot. Automobiles are wonderful photo props. Photographs of the bride and groom may be taken indoors, outside, or even on top of their car. By photographing through the car windows, you may create beautiful reflections.


  • The rings of the bride and groom are normally shot by the wedding photographer at least one time. Professional-looking closeups need a high-quality macro or zoom lens from an amateur photographer. Rings should be strategically placed on a bouquet to maximize their visibility. Somber closeups look wonderful with a bouquet of black roses.


  • Chairs may seem boring on their own, but from the eyes of a creative photographer, these chairs may be easily improved by embellishing them with flowers and cute remarks. You may also have the couple’s names engraved on the backs of the chairs. All that is asked of the couple is that they sit in their chairs and pose for a photographer.