Winter Wonderland!

Winter has finally arrived! Here in the sunshine state, we welcome the dropping temperature that comes with winter. It is a lovely break from our usual scorching hot temperatures. So, bring on the hot chocolate, blankets, and comfy sweaters. It’s time to celebrate!    Want to create a winter wonderland indoors? Gobo monogram lighting is … Continue reading Winter Wonderland!

Fall Fiesta!

The cool breeze brushes against your cheeks, warm colored leaves trickle down to the ground, scarecrows and ghoulish creatures lurk in the front yards of your neighbors. That can only mean one thing: FALL IS HERE! Bring on the pumpkins and all of the comforts of autumn. Here are a couple of fabulous ideas for … Continue reading Fall Fiesta!

HOW TO: Make Your Centerpiece Pop!

Centerpiece spotlights will absolutely make your centerpieces pop.  This is also known as “pinspotting” or “pin spots.”  Wireless centerpiece spotlights are quick and easy to setup. The spotlights have a magnetic base that affixes to most metal surfaces, as well as a clip that can attach to drop ceiling supports. You can rent cake spotlights for under $20.  … Continue reading HOW TO: Make Your Centerpiece Pop!