Event Hacks Series: Add Pizzazz to Simple Chair Covers!

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Stuck between choosing a color that was exactly your accent hue for your upcoming event?  Who said you had to pick!?  I’ve come to the realization that MORE is more!  More Colors!  More Options!  More!  Why subject your guests to the same old look over, and over again? Spice it up, by mixing two colors on your chair covers.  How?  Add two colorful chair bands at once!

I know what you are saying: “what madness is this?” It isn’t madness, it’s buying into the #TREATYOSELF movement.  Instead of sticking with just one color sash, try kicking it up a notch by twisting 2 colors together for a beautiful color blocking effect.   For example:


Pretty, huh? I know, I know, it’s genius!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Chairs (banquet or folding)
  • Chair covers
  •  Two chair sashes in contrasting colors (per chair)
  • Buckles (optional)

Step 1:

Slip on the chair covers over your chairs.

Step 2:

Slide on both sashes. *Once on the chair you can twist, and arrange the fit to achieve the look you want.

Step 3:

Clip on the buckle. (Or don’t! It looks beautiful either way!)

Voila! Check out those gorgeous chairs, and while you’re at it give yourself a healthy pat on the back. You deserve it!

Here are some inspirational photos of different color combinations you should try! 



Do-it-yourself event rentals are a great way to save money. The best part is that it’s also quick and easy, literally anyone can do it – no experience required.  Online rentals make the process hassle-free: just order online, and everything is delivered to your door.  Afterwards, put everything back in the same box and send back using a prepaid return label. Visit www.RentMyWedding.com to learn more.


HOW TO: Make Your Centerpiece Pop!

How TO.jpg

Centerpiece spotlights will absolutely make your centerpieces pop.  This is also known as “pinspotting” or “pin spots.”  Wireless centerpiece spotlights are quick and easy to setup. The spotlights have a magnetic base that affixes to most metal surfaces, as well as a clip that can attach to drop ceiling supports. You can rent cake spotlights for under $20.  Online rental companies make this process super easy.  Just order online and the spotlights will be delivered to your door.  Most online companies also offer free shipping both ways, saving you time and money!  Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about setting up your own centerpiece spotlights.

   1. Mount spotlight
   2. Tilt towards centerpiece 
   3. Turn on light using button or remote control

   1. Tabletop setup
   2. Attach to any metal surface using magnetic clip
   3. Attach to drop ceiling using scissors clip

   4. Wrap around poles/branches

Each Centerpiece: 1 Spotlight




Rent centerpiece spotlights for as little as $12 with free shipping nationwide at RentMyWedding.com or click here.  For more information, call 1.800.465.8020.

Fab DIY Pink Birthday!

birthday party - gobo

Planning a surprise party? One of our very own thoughtful staff surprised her younger sister on her seventeenth birthday! She knew she had to make it special. The sweet 17 gal absolutely adores the color pink, so planning a fab pink themed party was just the icing on the cake!  Check out 3 ideas for a fab DIY Pink Party!

1. Flower Pop

Nothing says fabulous like beautiful pink peonies, carnations, or traditional roses! Perfect for decorating your cake table. Just set them on a vase or mason jar. Then, scatter petals all around the table. This will give your photos a beautiful pop!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Balloons, Candy & Cake

What more can spell out birthday? Just place a pair of numeric balloons near the cake table and it’s all set. This is perfect for photos with the birthday girl! Candy Station? No problem. Decorate your cake table with some candy favorites for the guests to enjoy. This can include nostalgic candy that can color coordinate beautifully with your theme. Now for the cake, because what’s a party without the cake? The birthday girl always loved the idea of a rose pink ombre cakes, and little did she know her sister had that in store for her as well! Best thing is, the cake’s super easy to make! Simple, sweet and elegant.

3. Lighting Seals The Deal

Our backyard patio was completely transformed as they were filled with 8 hot pink uplights. This totally made our backyard go from drag to fab in minutes! The cake table was my absolute favorite to beautify. I was able to highlight the cake using a pinspot light, and not to mention a wonderful custom monogram light behind it that read: Leanett’s Fab 17!. This was the perfect backdrop for family photos.

before - after - uplighting.jpg

Everything turned out wonderful and best of all, the birthday girl was all smiles! This sweet idea is easy, elegant and fun! Not to mention, very customizable and applicable to any color in the spectrum. The next time you’re planning a birthday or event, just take a look at some of your favorite colors. The possibilities are endless! Happy Birthday Leanett!

All uplighting, monogram lighting, and pinspot lighting rentals courtesy of RentMyWedding.com

favorite3favorite9gobo - uplightingparty - uplighting - gobo

Event Hacks Series: DIY Valance “Swag”


Valance Title

“How do you create that swag across the top of a backdrop?” was this month’s most frequently asked question by our customers. So, how do you create a swag across the top of a backdrop? We had a couple of ideas, but wanted to give our customers a simple and easy solution.

What you will need:

  • 1 pipe and drape backdrop kit
  • 3 extra 10 ft drapes*
  • Uplights (optional)

*When placing your rental, order additional drapes for your valance look.

Step 1:

Setup your pipe and drape backdrop kit.

Valance 2


Here’s how to quickly setup a pipe and drape backdrop:

Step 2:

Create the valance look. We used the same Poly Premier drapes that would typically come with the backdrop kit.

A. Take one additional drape creating a U shape and hang over top of backdrop.

B. Behind the backdrop, tie the end of the drape to the backside of the pipe. (Please note, securing drape by tying ends is not required)

C. Finally, return to the front of the backdrop and adjust drape for a swoosh valance look. Repeat same step with the additional drapes.

Event Hacks Steps FINAL

Step 3:

Once set up, add uplights for an added pop of color and you’re done! Seriously that’s it. Enjoy!

Valence 1



Create this look in a matter of minutes! It is so simple and easy, we couldn’t even fill out a third step for it. Well folks, We can only hope that our next mission will be so easy.  Enjoy your 2-step swag!

Order a pipe and drape backdrop kit for as little as $99 (free shipping) at RentMyWedding.com. Don’t forget to order additional drapes when placing your rental order for a valance look!

Backyard Wedding Makeover for Under $799!


We had so much fun transforming a backyard for a wedding!  The gorgeous poolside backyard with a white fence was perfect for uplighting.  In less than an hour, our team of 4 do-it-yourselfers made the backyard come to life with amber uplighting, a custom monogram pro gobo light, and a canopy for the altar!  Here’s how to get the look:

  1. Uplighting

We used 15 standard uplights for the 2,500 sq. ft. backyard.  The wedding colors were white and amber yellow, so we chose a rich amber yellow tone for uplighting (TIP:  We programmed the colors the day before to save some time on the wedding day).  The backyard was completely transformed by placing uplights 5-10 feet apart against the white fence.


  1. Canopy (Chuppah)

To highlight where the bride and groom would say “I do!”, a canopy was placed in the center of the backyard in front of the pool.  The canopy kit consisted of 16 white 10 ft. drapes and canopy frame.  We also added 4 wireless uplights on each corner of the canopy to add impact.


  1. Monogram Lighting

To add a perfect personalize touch to the big day, we created a custom monogram light with the bride and groom’s names: Sandra & Luis (w23 design with  w11 font) to shine on the pool.  For setup, we placed the projector on a gobo light stand and pointed it downward to the center of the pool.  The photographer captured some lovely images with the monogram and pool, and it became a wonderful scenic backdrop for the wedding altar!



The cost for all of the decorations for this 70 guest wedding reception was under $799!  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 15 Standard Uplights($19/each):  $285
  • 1 Canopy kit: $249
  • 4 Wireless Uplights ($20*/each):  $80 *Wireless uplight canopy discounted at $20/ea.
  • 1 Custom Monogram Pro Gobo Light: $149
  • 1 Light stand: $29
  • Delivery and Return Shipping: FREE

TOTAL COST:   $792.00


Do-it-yourself wedding rentals are a great way to save money on your wedding day. The best part is that it’s also quick and easy!  It took us less than an hour to transform a backyard, and literally anyone can do it – no experience required.  Online rentals make the process hassle-free: just order online, and everything is delivered to your door.  Afterwards, put everything back in the same box and send back using a prepaid return label. Visit www.RentMyWedding.com to learn more.

Check out our photo gallery and time lapse video of the wedding makeover:

bride and groomDSC05733DSC05847DSC05800DSC05756DSC05751DSC05794bride and groom 4DSC05722

Trend Alert: Glo-Yo


Heart & Core Yoga Studio

“Glo-Yo” or “Glow Yoga” is the latest trend among yoga lovers across the nation. This quirky concept originated in Boston where one edgy yoga instructor, Goldie Graham, decided to promote health and relaxation through soft beats and the glow of a black light.

Here is everything you need to create the perfect Glo-Yo experience yourself:

  1.  Black Light


Of course this is the obvious: rent a black light or two and aim towards the center of the yoga studio. A good rule of thumb is, if your yoga studio is about half the size of a gym, you would benefit from having two black lights shining in your studio – one at each end.

  2.  Neon and Fluorescent Clothing

capitalgazette AnnapolisPowerYoga

capitalgazette.com / Annapolis Power Yoga

Encourage your yoga classmates to wear bright colors that shine under UV lighting. In this “hipster” millennial era, it’s not hard to find bright neon clothes and tights. Don’t forget white also shines beautifully under black light. Have some spare plain white t-shirts available to share.

 3.  Colorful Uplighting



Add even more color and pizzazz to the yoga studio with some colorful uplighting. Place about 4-8 uplights across the back wall for a gorgeous look that adds the perfect glow-flow ambience.

  4.  Body Paint



Before you start your warm up stretches, practice a relaxation of the mind and spirit by using glow-in-the-dark body paint and letting your creativity run wild. Let your body be a piece of art while you move and groove.

Get the look! Check out RentMyWedding.com for uplight and black light rentals and more!



About the author:

Maria Posada is an Assistant Operations Manager at Rent My Wedding, loving wife, and animal lover. She loves to watch Notre Dame college football (when it’s football season), playing with her cute Beagle, and spending time with her family. When she’s not helping someone plan their dream event, she’s out looking for her next great adventure! 

Spring Garden Party Ideas

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers have finally come out of hiding. With the cold winter days behind us it’s finally time to head back outside and enjoy the much needed warmth of the sun. So kick off those boots and throw on some sandals because the time for a garden party has finally arrived! Making a fun and whimsical garden party into a reality can easily be achieved with the following tips and ideas below.

  1. Start with decorations

The great thing about garden parties is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations, in fact there are a lot of DIY alternatives which will still provide you with the look you’re going for.

A key aspect of garden parties is to be able to bring the indoors outside. Instead of going out and purchasing expensive folding tables, look inside for pieces of furniture which can act as serving tables. Much like the photos below:





  1. Add character to your backyard or garden with decor

Now that you’ve successfully found pieces of furniture which can act as serving tables, it’s on to the next step, which is to add some character to your backyard or garden. This can easily be achieved by adding things like:



Paper lanterns and stringing some Christmas lights throughout the trees in your back yard is a great way to create a fun and unique environment.






  1. Use chair covers to glam up folding chairs

So you’ve got the tables prepped and the decorations eloquently hanging from your trees. You may ask yourself what you’re missing and the answer may very well be chair covers. Chair covers would be an amazing addition to your garden party because they’ll provide you with a uniformed look that will greatly compliment your set-up.




  1. Feeding your guest

With decorations and seating taken care of all that’s left is feeding your guest. The best thing about throwing a garden party is that serving the food buffet style makes everything so much easier. The photos below are prime examples on how you can tackle feeding of your hungry guests.



sortracom 2