Why Chicago Wedding Venues are Simply Awesome

Chicago Wedding Venues

So for how long have you been planning your Chicago wedding?

The question is directed towards the brides-to-be, because most guys limit their planning to the date and destination of the bachelor’s party and of course that doesn’t need much time to plan. It is the ladies who might have been planning their wedding since the Stone Age, no Ice Age, wait a minute, when was the Big Bang? All girls have an idea about how they will look on their wedding day and at what kind of venue it will happen before they are ready to say ‘I do’. This is just like every guy is secretly prepared for apocalypse and survival on an empty planet! But let’s just face it, being prepared definitely pays off, because when the time really comes, you will already have a whole list of shortlisted wedding dresses and venues.

Picking a Chicago Wedding Venue can be really fun. In an instant everyone involved in brainstorming becomes an artist, painting a complete picture with each venue, “How about you get married on a beach, where right at sunset you can exchange rings, with a rainbow in the background or maybe in an underground cave, wow! it would be so cozy and romantic”. There have been instances when, in an effort to make their special day even more special, people got married in the weirdest and unpredictable places.

Make sure you don’t go overboard with the creative idea thing. Don’t opt for a bizarre wedding venue just for the sake of ‘doing something different in life. There are some really amazing options of wedding venues in Chicago. Let’s analyze why this city is such a popular wedding destination –

• For a Chic Chicago Wedding – If you have plans to get married in a contemporary style, at a fashionable hotel or café, Chicago is the place for you. The city has a remarkable collection of fancy hotels, restaurants and bars where you can get married luxuriously. Pick a classy destination like Fulton’s on the River or opt for a place like Café Brauer. These venues are perfect for hosting an evening reception with plenty of space for dancing and breathtakingly beautiful décor.

• Getting Married at a Historical Chicago Venue – Chicago has several historical venues in its kitty including places like – Chicago History Museum, Cathedral Hall at the University Club of Chicago, Chicago Public Library, Germania Place and The Murphy. According to a number of online polls, Chicago History Museum is the best place to get married in this city. You can get married in one of the indoor spaces or hold your ceremony on the outdoor plaza with a view of the Gold Coast on one side and the Lincoln Park on the other. A place like Germania Place is ideal for a fairy-tail wedding. The grand ballroom with sky-high ceilings, crystal chandeliers and ornate Victorian architecture of the place really makes up for a dream-wedding.

• An Intimate Chicago Wedding – Who needs to invite 500 people when you know that those 50 are the ones who really care! If you have plans to host an intimate wedding with a smaller group of guests, Chicago can offer you some spectacular little spaces, which are just perfect for a cozy wedding. Pick a place like Prairie Productions, City Winery Chicago, Pittsfield Building or Hotel Public Chicago. All these venues offer stunning views of the city and are known for their dazzling interiors.

Rememember to establish your budget, prepare the final guest-list and explore your options thoroughly, before confirming the location. Try to pick a venue that reflects your personalities as a couple.