“Victoria’s Art” your ultimate choice for the best wedding photography in Dublin

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Victoria’s Art provides you with the best Dublin wedding photography experience.

Wedding photography is much more than just recording the ceremony and reception. This is the first day of a fantastic and epic adventure together, the beginning of a story that will last forever. A dedicated Dublin wedding photographer captures not only your physical appearance but also your emotions and the love you and those around you feel for one another on your special day. The pictures you get are like a time capsule; they let you relive memorable moments and emotions over and over.


Damian and Victoria, a wedding photographer couple located in Dublin, caters to laid-back, fun-loving couples. As one of the best couples in Dublin wedding photographers, we never believe in capturing forced smiles and long photo sessions. We record the genuine emotion that will make your wedding day memorable. We are experts at capturing genuine smiles and laughing in our photos so the couple feels comfortable in front of the camera. Get ready to end your social discomfort and begin making memories that will last a lifetime with one of the best Dublin wedding photographers!

Expect the finest Fine art wedding photography/videography experience!

It’s not that some photographers employ a pompous words like “fine art wedding photography” to make themselves sound more sophisticated than they actually are.


Fine art wedding photography is as classy and sophisticated as it sounds. Because there is no universally accepted definition of fine art wedding photography, its scope is quite vast. Artistic photography is a subgenre in which the photographs are made to be viewed and appreciated only as works of Art.


Victoria’s Art is home to Dublin’s most skilled and creative wedding photographers, who will expertly record your special day with all the authentic feelings and fantastical tales surrounding them. Photographers specializing in weddings can capture beautiful moments you can look back on with fondness for years to come.


As a strictly professionalwedding photographer in Dublin, Damian, and Victoria want to capture the essence of your special day so that it may live on forever as a work of Art. They tell the tale of love and commitment between a couple via their photographs, evoking deep human emotions. Their drone films focus on capturing a wedding day’s real, unstaged moments.


Common characteristics of their fine art photography include shallow depth of field, a pastel color palette, and ethereal beauty. Photography. Fine art wedding photographers are skilled storytellers fully committed to their craft. Fine art wedding photography is all the rage now because of how stunning the results are.