Top 5 Lake Tahoe wedding and elopement destinations

Top 5 Lake Tahoe wedding and elopement destinations

Tahoe is wonderful year-round. Lake Tahoe’s chilly blue water is refreshing in the summer. In the winter, ski one of Lake Tahoe’s numerous resorts. This area offers enjoyment for everyone.

Lake Tahoe attracts visitors from everywhere. In Lake Tahoe, many fall in love and get married. Lake Tahoe wedding venues are lovely. There are many alternatives for couples, from beachfront ceremonies to alpine elopements as the sun sets.


Weddings in Lake Tahoe may be enhanced by the beautiful natural beauty of the area year-round. Lake Tahoe wedding sites and ceremony venues are available to you. Lake Tahoe is a popular elopement and wedding location for couples from all over the country. A daring and meaningful ceremony may be found in the area’s natural rivers and woodlands. It’s no surprise that the elopement photographers in the region are so good. Some of our favorites to work with are listed below, but there are a few more we believe you should check out as well!


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Here are the top 5 Lake Tahoe destinations for elopements and weddings by Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer.

1.      Emerald Bay State Park Lookout

Emerald Bay State Park often ranks high on lists of the greatest venues to be married with breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe. As a result, it receives a large volume of visitors from Lake Tahoe. Because the surrounding hills hide the light as it sets in the afternoon, the ideal time to shoot it is at daybreak.

2.      Tahoe Paradise Park

Hidden in the center of a residential neighborhood, the pickleball courts and the little lake make this park a popular destination for residents. This discreet elopement destination has a clubhouse, a tented area, and a two-hour minimum. The tented area can accommodate up to 300 guests and is one of the greatest spots in Lake Tahoe to elope.

3.      Spooner Lake

The most popular and attractive spot for an elopement ceremony is near the lake’s main entrance. The woods surrounding the lake provide enough privacy for a private ceremony. With the trees reflecting in the lake, this is one of Lake Tahoe’s most romantic spots for elopement during the autumn foliage season.

4.      Airbnb in North Lake Tahoe

As a whole, the residents in North Lake Tahoe enjoy a better standard of living than those in South Lake Tahoe. In contrast to South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe caters to older folks who like the better things in life, which makes sense. It’s worth noting, though, that one of the most romantic venues to be married in Lake Tahoe is Airbnb!

5.      Donner Memorial State Park

Because this park is mostly a meadow, a lodge nearby may be utilized for getting ready, as there is little cover in nature. When planning an elopement in Lake Tahoe, you can’t go wrong with Donner Memorial State Park.