Tips to add some fun to your wedding photography

Tips to add some fun to your wedding photography

Weddings are about more than simply two people beginning their lives together. Given the significance of the occasion and a large number of guests in attendance, creative wedding picture opportunities will abound. You may go on to the candid and humorous shots of the happy couple and their guests after finishing the traditional and formal portraits. There’s no shortage of creative options for making wedding photographs entertaining, from adopting fresh angles and striking postures to including unconventional wedding items.


Everyone hopes their wedding will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for themselves and their guests. In addition, the pictures will make them much more special to you. Nobody wants the pictures to be dull and uninteresting. In light of this, here are some tips for photographers to ensure that your actual-day wedding photography sessions are fun. Including some of these will make your wedding album come to life and inject lightheartedness into the proceedings:

·         Try different angles:

Getting the perfect leaping shot may need some trial and error (on both your part and the part of your models), but the result will be well worth the effort. Let the wedding party or perhaps some of the couple’s relatives join in on the fun as the bride and groom let their hair down for this candid shot. This wedding picture concept may become your standard operating procedure, especially if you add some goofy expressions and hearty belly laughs. You may also have them form a tight group and fire from underneath.

·         What about champagne explosions:

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your couple’s celebratory champagne toast into a memorable wedding picture session. Arrange for the bridal party and immediate family members to stand behind the couple and instruct them on how to time their entrance. You could always reshoot the sequence if you have extra champagne bottles, but if you time it well and are prepared, you can get the shot the first time.

·         Use different props wisely:

Fun and creative outdoor photography accessories include wedding-themed balloons, color bombs, confetti, sparklers, and lanterns. Outdoor photography is greatly enhanced by using color or smoke bombs, available in a rainbow of hues. Take pictures with the smoke bombs in the hands of the bride and groom. The balloons may serve as a prop for your models to pose with, or you can arrange a large number of them to create a whimsical backdrop for your shoot. The background is obscured as the guests hold sparklers around the happy couple, and the emphasis is drawn to the pair. Bubble cannons are another option worth thinking about.

·         Make a list of innovative shots:

You must include some wedding party photography ideas in your shot list. The wedding or bridal party’s role is to relieve the bride and groom of some of their responsibilities so that they may relax and enjoy the celebration. Whether it’s images of the bride and groom getting ready with their bridal party or shots of the guests having a good time on the dance floor, it’s a good idea to obtain shots of the wedding party both on their own and with the happy couple.


The following list includes many amusing wedding picture ideas, but not all couples will like them. You will know your couple by the wedding day and have ideas for amusing wedding photography. Fun wedding photographs include letting your models relax. They may have fun even if none of your shot list ideas succeed. Collaborate with your topics. Remember, it’s about capturing pleasant real-life moments for future recollections. If people are having fun, your images will too.