Does Uplighting Work in Daytime? {Wedding Lighting 101}

Does Uplighting Work in Daytime? {Wedding Lighting 101} Can you use uplighting during the day? What about with bright overhead lights? The answer is…it depends!  First, let’s take a look at how uplighting works. Then we can understand when and where to use uplighting. Uplights are light fixtures. They are used to illuminate the walls … Continue reading Does Uplighting Work in Daytime? {Wedding Lighting 101}

Trend Alert: Glo-Yo

“Glo-Yo” or “Glow Yoga” is the latest trend among yoga lovers across the nation. This quirky concept originated in Boston where one edgy yoga instructor, Goldie Graham, decided to promote health and relaxation through soft beats and the glow of a black light. Here is everything you need to create the perfect Glo-Yo experience yourself: … Continue reading Trend Alert: Glo-Yo

Adoption Party

The Story It all started a few years ago, when Peter and Joanna attended a heart wrenching sermon about foster care by the organization 4KIDS. They were shocked to hear how many kids in South Florida are removed from their homes on a daily basis, due to abuse or neglect. Their hearts suddenly became heavy … Continue reading Adoption Party