Overcoming Wedding Speech Nerves

Overcoming Wedding Speech Nerves

It’s All About You!

It is your day so remember it is natural to be filled with emotion.  You are surrounded by your friends and loved ones and these people are on your side. Nobody is likely secretly hoping you’ll mess things up. The reason you’re there giving a speech is that you are connected with the people there, and so are the audience. Bearing this in mind, you can be assured that whatever you say in your wedding speech will be taken from a place of connection and support.

Practice Your Wedding Speech Thoroughly.

Speak from the heart and don’t introduce words you would not normally use in your everyday vocabulary.  The more your practice your wedding speech, the less nervous you’ll feel on the  big day. to Practice the intonation of your voice and inject some natural pauses, especially if you are injecting humor into your speech.

Commit Your Speech to Memory.

Whenever you have some spare time, driving in the car on the way to work, in the shower, while working out, shopping, or wherever…practice, practice, practice your speech. Repeat it over and over again as many times as you can before the big day. By preparing,  you will feel relaxed on your big day.

Remember to Breathe

As simple as this sounds, remembering to breathe normally is one of the most overlooked things when giving a wedding speech.  Focus on the spots you will take a breath during your speech.  Diaphragmatic breathing, as used by singers and public speakers, is a key tip here.

Go to Your Happy Place

It worked for Happy Gilmore, and it will work for you.   Find a relaxing vision or a funny story to relax you and bring a smile to your face. As you relax and loosen up you bring focused energy to your wedding speech that will greatly improve your delivery.

Obey the Speed Limit

When you are excited or nervous, you will tend to speed up your speech and you will lose clarity in your words.   Consciously make an effort to slow yourself down and speak clearly so people can hear what you say.    Remember, speak slowly and clearly.

Focus on Those Who Comfort You

Make eye contact with people in the audience who are your natural connections.    The people you feel most at ease with.   Avoid those who are likely to be overly emotional as this can derail your train of thought and send your emotions over the edge.      You want to create an environment where it feels like you are hanging out and chatting with friends.

Just Go With It

No matter what happens during your wedding speech, remember to just go with it!   Your life isn’t going to end if you make a few mistakes. Have fun and enjoy yourself