Less crowded Oahu wedding venues

Oahu wedding venues

Due to the fact that it is the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is commonly known as “The Gathering Place.” With everything from beautiful white-sand beaches to jagged mountains that can only be seen in Hawaii, this island has something to offer everyone. On the island of Oahu, you’ll find the world-renowned surfing areas on the North Shore and the state capital of Honolulu, the popular tourist attraction of Waikiki. When considering a destination wedding, images of white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and lush tropical vegetation come to mind.


Hawaii is a tropical paradise in many respects, but it’s also so much more. Hawaii is a fantastic site for your dream destination wedding because of its towering mountains that seem to disappear into the mist, temperate weather throughout the year, beautiful views, and some of the world’s best beaches. All these amazing features and much more makes Oahu wedding venues the best in the world.

Best Oahu wedding venues:

best Oahu wedding venues

Beach weddings on Oahu are among the most popular and cost-effective ways to tie the knot in Hawaii. Even though the state has numerous stunning beaches, Oahu is the ideal Hawaiian island for a destination wedding.


To marry on a beach, Oahu, like the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, needs permission from Hawaii. A Hawaii beach wedding or vow renewal permit costs $50 at the time of writing. Although all of Hawaii’s beaches are open to the public, most couples choose to visit one that combines breathtaking scenery, privacy, and convenience.


Here is a list of the top 5 best Oahu beach wedding venues that are less crowded, and you can manage to have a more intimate and private kind of wedding ceremony there:


Waialae Beach is the finest choice for couples looking to be married near Waikiki. It is just a short drive from Waikiki, making it convenient for the couple and their visitors. The lovely palm trees and lengthy coastline make it an ideal location for a wedding celebration. Photo sessions are very common at Waialae Beach. Because of the rocky, shallow water, it’s easier to obtain stunning shots without people in the backdrop, which might be difficult to come by near Waikiki.


Waimanalo Beach in Hawaii delivers on its promise of white-sand beaches and clear seas. Oahu’s longest white sand beach, a little over three miles, is a sight to see. In addition to the sparkling sea, the verdant Ko’olau mountain range adds to the site’s allure. This windward side of the island is suitable for a wedding ceremony near silence since it’s less crowded than the more popular Waikiki area. On top of that, the crystal-clear waters of Waimanalo are frequented by honu or Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. You may have a modest or big guest list at this venue, and it works well for sunrise or sunset weddings.

3.      KAWELA BAY:

Kawela Bay is a great choice for couples seeking a North Shore beach wedding. With its blend of beach and woodland backdrop at Turtle Bay Resort, the bay provides a stunning contrast for wedding photography. A dawn or sunset wedding is a fantastic fit for this location, and it caters to couples who like venturing off the beaten road.


Papailoa Beach is located on Oahu’s north coast, just outside of Haleiwa town. The breathtaking mountains, rock formations, and lush greenery that surround the shore provide incredible picture opportunities. It has natural lava rock formations, a white sand beach, and an aqua blue ocean that captivate visitors with timeless beauty throughout the mornings and sunsets. This location is near to eateries, so you may enjoy good food and relax as well.


This Oahu North Shore beach is adjacent to Haleiwa, an old Hawaiian community. The beach is easily accessible because of the large parking lot. Haleiwa, an old bohemian town famed for its laid-back atmosphere and indigenous culture, is also nearby. A 19-acre stretch of buttery sand and gorgeous palm palms define the beach’s natural beauty. A $200 transportation fee is associated with this location, which makes it suitable for both morning and nighttime weddings.