Forget about fresh flowers shortage issues on your wedding

The supply of flowers, like that of other products and services, is dependent on a number of stages and channels of distribution that are easily disrupted. Because of the strain placed on the business by lousy weather, and other causes, there is now a scarcity of cut flowers all across the globe. This is because the demand for cut flowers is far greater than the supply.


Fresh flower prices are rising due to a lack of supply compared to demand, which leaves fewer choices for wedding planning couples. Flower prices have already been increased around the globe as a consequence of supply concerns. Filler flowers, such as Limonium and asters, are short supply in many florists’ supply chains.


This entire scenario may disturb your wedding preparations, and it may have become challenging for your wedding planner to run things according to the plan.


But this issue is not any more an issue….Sola wood flowers have taken the place of fresh-cut flowers so quickly and more innovatively.


Sola wood flowers are not real, but these blooms are obtained from a natural source (from the bark of balsa tree wood). These blooms are eco-friendly and an evergreen option that couples love to choose instead of expensive and fragile fresh cut flowers.


It is also a matter of the fact that no one can deny the elegance, aesthetic appeal, and heart-wrenching fragrance of fresh blooms, but still, it is not difficult to compromise on sola wood flowers.


There are a number of reasons to replace fresh flowers with sola wood flowers for your wedding:

·         Everlasting beauty:

The best thing about sola wood flowers is their everlasting beauty. These are flowers made of wood that you can keep as a keepsake for years. A wooden bridal bouquet can be an ideal option for brides who wish to keep their wedding blooms with them as a beautiful memory of their happy moments.

·         No pollen and allergy issues:

Wood flowers are false blooms with no pollens and fragrance. These features make sola wood flowers an ideal choice for wedding blooms, especially in today’s world when people are struggling with a number of allergies.

·         All season blooms:

Wood flowers don’t obey any seasonal restrictions, and you are free to choose any blooms for your wedding regardless of any seasonal restrictions. Wooden blooms can provide you the freedom to continue your wedding preparations with your favorite blooms. Either those blooms are expensive enough or have no probability of natural availability.

·         Affordable and flexible:

Another plus point of sola wood flowers is their flexibility, which allows these blooms to be part of complicated floral arrangements. These flowers mimic real blooms in delicacy, but it is also possible to rearrange their shape and petals with the help of plain water.

Wooden flowers are not so pricy, and even you can rent sola wood flowers for your wedding in case of having any budget issues.


Wood flowers have taken the place of natural flowers in the wedding industry with so much ease. More and more people choose wooden blooms as their first choice for wedding flowers.