Blue Ventures – more than a professional wedding photography business

Blue Ventures – more than a professional wedding photography business

Dealing with customers who are afraid of the camera should not be a problem for a wedding photographer. Despite this, most couples, including us, don’t know how to perform in front of the camera since they don’t come from modeling or acting backgrounds. But only an extremely professional and dedicated wedding photographer cares about the discomfort of couples in front of them.

Blue Ventures is a reputable and trustworthy name for Lexington’s outstanding wedding photography and videography. They not only understand the art of wedding photography/videography but believe in making couples relax and confident in front of the camera to make things easier on their wedding day.

We had a great time with them during our wedding photoshoot, although both of us are very shy and introverted. The first thing they told us was that every shot was a chance for us to spend time together. Because of this, they advised us to take deep breaths and concentrate on each other.

Being confused and conscious is so normal for a couple because we aren’t used to being photographed; however, what I’ve found helpful is the friendly attitude of the photographer. They were talking to us constantly during the couple session. There are a lot of silly things that happen all the time. This always generates real emotions and laughter. It’s a no-brainer to be stupid and do silly things, but it must be genuine and not forced.

There was a time during our engagement photoshoot when we were having trouble connecting, and our photographer urged us to shut our eyes and hug, occasionally to touch each other’s faces with our noses and think about something intimate we picked up on before. We frequently thanked them afterwards for letting us recall and take a beat to be near again since this generated so many different feelings in us.

No doubt, many professional wedding photographers/videographers have been in the wedding business serving couples for years. But “Blue Ventures” is more than a professional wedding photography business as they know how to make relationships and how to deliver us more than what we pay to them.