Best Wedding Planning Tips in 2021

Wedding Planning Tips

Start with a Budget

A wedding is often one of the top expenses you will face in your life and for most, it is only exceeded by raising kids and purchasing a home.   If you are like most of us, you will have to work with a tight wedding budget.  When you are planning a wedding, the first you need to do is set your budget as early as possible.   The average wedding is about $28,000, but this figure varies greatly by location and size of the wedding itself.

Pick Your Theme

With your budget in hand, the next major step is to pick your wedding theme. Your wedding theme or vision for your day will serve as your guiding light for all your other decision.   It will help simplify the big decisions you will face and will serve to keep you focused with the many smaller decisions you will face.   With your budget and theme in hand, you are now set to get the ball rolling.

Include the Groom and Key Decision Makers Early.

Many grooms are happy to sit back and let their brides run with the entire wedding process.  It is important for the groom and other key decision-makers to be a part of the wedding planning process early on.  By getting everyone aligned and involved early, you will establish a support system and feel a sense of connection with all those people who will be involved in the process.    It is important to remember it is your day, but having everyone aligned with your theme, budget, and the things that are important to you from the wedding to the reception will help reduce potential conflict down the road.   It is a lot easier to work through issues while everyone is excited and fresh than it will be as your wedding day is rapidly approaching.

Save the Day Cards and RSVPs

Get out your save the day cards as soon as possible in order to give your guests as much time as possible to plan.    RSVPs are an important part of any wedding planning process as the number of guests in attendance will likely have a large impact on your wedding reception cost.   Taking RSVPs on your personalized wedding website will help you in getting an accurate day-to-day count of attendees.

Following these wedding planning tips will help ensure you reduce the stress in the wedding planning process and maximize your overall enjoyment of the overall journey.