Best Five Groom Wedding Fashion Trends for 2021

Five Groom Wedding Fashion Trends

Fashion is the last thing on the mind of many men, but even the most rugged guys want to look good at their wedding. For guys who don’t want to expend a lot of energy figuring out what to wear, 2021’s wedding trends provide wearable fashion that requires little planning and that will look great in wedding photos.

All-Out Glamour
A gorgeous bride warrants a groom who’s decked to the nines. Old-world glamour, including waistcoats, designer tuxes, and elegant shoes are steadily making a comeback. If your wedding is an evening affair and your bride is going for total glamour, you’ll need to match her with a dashing tuxedo and a flawless, polished look. For this look, a black tux is a must-have, along with a white shirt. Your vest can match your tux for an elegant monochromatic look, or can be white, patterned, or match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Vintage-Inspired Suits
Sick of today’s fashion? There’s hope for a great wedding getup anyway! Vintage suits are making a comeback, especially at theme weddings. From blue polyester leisure suits to expensive and luxurious wool tuxes, there’s almost no fashion era that’s not currently in vogue for weddings.

Barn Elegance
If you prefer quirky and kitschy to glamorous and ritzy, the perfect style draws from a barnyard wedding. Barn-inspired fashions, including shorts, cutoff pants, and suspenders everywhere are big for 2021. This look is ideal for an outdoor, low-key ceremony and looks great with a lace, vintage-inspired bridal gown.

Bow Ties
A bow tie has always been part and parcel of a black tie evening wedding. But bow ties are making a comeback at every level of dressiness. Grooms frequently opt for bow ties that match the bridesmaids’ dresses, and ties in pink, blue, and other bright colors are no longer passe; instead they’re on every groom’s wedding day shopping list.

Pops of Color
Drab fashion is done. Instead, 2021 wedding looks are all about bright, cherry pops of color. For a fancy wedding, keep the look relatively sedate by opting for a colored vest or a pocket square. For more casual weddings, though, you can go all-out with colored bow ties, vests, and even socks. The look makes for amazing pictures, particularly when you coordinate with your wedding party. Even better, there’s no color that’s not currently in style.

You might not think much about fashion in your daily life, but you only get one wedding, and it’s just important for the groom to look ravishing as it is for the bridge. By putting a little extra effort into your appearance, you show your fiance that this day is important and that you want to please her, and that alone is worth the price of any tux.