5 reasons why the modern brides give up the traditional weddings

modern brides

Is there any sense of such noise and so many people?

One of the most important days in a woman’s life is her wedding … at least that is what our grandmothers and mothers keep telling us. And so, many women, from very early age, crave to put on the white luscious dress and veil. They grow up with the dream of a fairytale wedding.


The 21st century changed the traditions and nowadays more and more women give up their childhood dream and prefer modest gatherings on their wedding day, which rather resemble a birthday treat and not a wedding day. What provokes this change?


The price

To be honest, even the modest from the side of scale traditional weddings require significant financial resources. Dresses, photographers, decorations, restaurant, menu, DJ and so on… – for all this you will have to prepare at least a few of grand.


The stress

The fabulous wedding requires serious organization and lots of shattered nerves. The tension of whether everything will go according to plan, even with the help of a wedding planner often kills the mood of the future newlyweds and they stop at something more casual and less engaging.



The lack of a big family

If you do not have many relatives and friends, it is not worth doing a spectacular celebration. Yet, this day is important to you and you need to surround yourself with your loved ones, there is no need to invite hundreds of people that you have not seen in 10 years.


Family problems

To gather all the members of your family is a real challenge, especially if the history is burdened with longstanding family quarrels. The bride and groom will not only worry about the whole organization, but also whether their relatives will start a fight and ruin the perfect day.



There are people who just do not want to be the center of attention and do everything possible to avoid such moments. If the groom or the bride are too shy, it is no wonder that they do not want a traditional white wedding that will put them under the lights and the eyes of the guests for hours.