15 Easy Wedding Budget Saving Tips

Wedding Budget Saving Tips

It is a well-known fact that your wedding will take a toll on your budget. In fact, spending so much is the main cause of stress because it is simply hard to stay on top of it when planning everything. If you try to cut the expenses, you might feel like you are missing out on something. That is why we are here to provide money-saving options but with one key silver lining – without compromising on style. Take a look at our 15 easy ways you can save and still realize your dream wedding vision!


  1. Draft your budget and remember to stick to it


The starting point of the whole process is, of course, having a clear idea about how much you are willing to spend. When you have that sum planned, keep everything organized by first sorting segments of the budget intended for different purposes, and then, make sure to follow your spending.


  1. Setting the Date (weekday or off-season)


Usually, weekends are more crowded and busier when it comes to finding the perfect date and venue. If your conditions allow it (keeping your guests’ availability in mind as well), pick a weekday to tie the knot. Naturally, if this isn’t an option, then choose to get married during the off-season. In both cases, you will save money – weekends and popular seasons are always more expensive.


  1. Try to reduce your Guest List


It is no secret that as your guest list grows, so do your expenses. There are several ways you can do that. First, you can choose to invite all those with whom you are in contact. If you don’t keep in contact with high school friends or distant relatives, you may as well remove them from your list. Secondly, the other option is to cut the “plus one”. Remember, it is your big day and you need to tailor it however you see fit.


  1. Pick your venue wisely concerning decor


Many venues have their own in-built decor that requires less finesse when decorating your special event. For example, if you choose a venue that offers a blank canvas, that means spending more on decorations, creating the atmosphere, and rentals. When the venue is already partly adorned, it will require less decor work. Instead, you can elevate the ambiance from these top wedding rental companies.


  1. Wedding Attire Tips


There are a lot of ways to save money in this case, especially when it comes to the wedding dress. The first option is to choose a pre-loved gown. Most of the time, brides donate or sell their dresses because they do not intend of wearing them again. If you want something new, then consider buying off the rack, or when there are sample sales. Furthermore, talk with your bridal shop for any discounts. Often, if you pay for the dress in full, you will get a valuable discount! As for the groom’s suit, there are a plethora of quality options for rent, which surprisingly come at a fraction of the real price.


  1. DIY Stationery


Nowadays, it is quite easy to find extraordinary examples of digital invitations and stationery designs that you can buy and later print. You can find many that would be aligned with your theme, with many simple options to be personalized. Want to save more? Consider sending your Save the Dates electronically!


  1. Wedding Cake Tips


Opt for a simple design instead of going for something lavish. You can decorate it later with flowers (leftovers of your floral decor). Just make sure to wrap the stems in clear plastic before pinning them into the cake. Another thing that will save you money is to choose soft buttercream instead of fancy fondant.


  1. One venue for both Ceremony and Reception


Usually, most reception venues have lawns or wonderful gardens which can serve as your ceremony spot. Just make sure the venue has the needed chairs to do so. Thinking too much about the aisle decor? If there is a great tree, you can pull off an impressive romantic ambiance with soft drapery. Or maybe, create a ceremony arbor with drapes, greenery, and fresh florals. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Saving on Fresh Florals


If you are having a hard time letting go of the option of having fresh flowers, don’t worry, you can still save some money here. Instead of eyeing off-season florals, decide to use those who are in season. You will discover that there are many choices concerning types and colors. Buy wholesale to save some more.


  1. Buy Decor that will have multiple purposes


Our recommendation is to shop from thrift stores for any vases or centerpiece materials. You’d be surprised the lovely places you can find wedding rental décor. Still, only buy what you will use or re-sell afterward, and rent what you think is for one use only.


  1. Opt for a BYOB venue


Yes, the alcohol and bars will consume most of your budget. Consider picking a venue that has the ‘buy your own beverage’ alternative. This way you will buy alcohol on your own and won’t worry that much about how much it is consumed.


  1. Edible Favors


Some couples prefer to let go of the favors, but we say why not show appreciation with something edible which you can pack yourself? It will look personalized and lovely, and there are practically no chances that such favor will be left behind. Plus, this costs a lot less than curating anything else.


  1. Dismiss the idea of going for a traditional wedding venue


Banquet halls often cost a lot more than their alternatives. The best way is to choose a non-traditional place – some outdoor space that means a lot to both, or maybe your favorite restaurant.


  1. Non-traditional Catering


How about throwing a reception party featuring your favorite food? There are a lot of food trucks that can custom tailor meals for you and your guests.


  1. Wedding Photography


Instead of booking the photographer for the whole day, you can choose a package that covers 8-10 hours. Also, finding a professional who has a la carte services will save you a good chunk of your budget.


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