10 Elegant Fonts Perfect for Wedding Invitations That Look Like Calligraphy

Elegant Fonts Perfect for Wedding Invitations That Look Like Calligraphy

A guest’s initial impression of your event will be determined by the invitation or save-the-date card they receive. The fonts you use in your wedding invitations play a vital role in making them look more stylish.


If you use letterpress or foil, the fonts you choose will bring out the true magnificence of your prints. Search for elegant wedding invite templates and programs that would look stunning if written in calligraphy fonts. Here are ten of the greatest fonts for wedding invites.

·        Tuberosa Font:

You’ll love Tuberosa if you seek a modern calligraphy-inspired font that’s lovely. It is the perfect typeface for your wedding invitations. This playful typeface is ideal for Valentine-themed designs, logotypes, and weddings.

·        Blackstone:

To get a casual-chic look, Blackstone employs contemporary calligraphy. Consider using this handwritten font if you want to give your wedding cards and invites a more personal touch.

·        Churston:

Churston is a gorgeous, opulent, and incredibly readable pair typeface in ten different forms. This font’s versatility makes it ideal for many projects and elevates them to a whole new level. Create a distinctive design for wedding invitations with this collection of capital letter fonts.

·        Desirable calligraphy:

Inspired by the handwriting of Italian women and old manuscripts, the Desirable calligraphy is a calligraphy font that has a traditional style with a touch of elegance.

·        Hello honey:

This elegant and informal script has more of a calligraphic feel to it, and it is inspired by contemporary calligraphy. This is a popular calligraphy wedding invitation font choice since the font set includes beginning and ending swashes and a connecting heart, which will give your invitations a more romantic appearance.

·        Wonderfebia Font:

It is recommended that you select Wonderfebia font if you want your invitations to appear more casual yet elegant. A gorgeous flowing style with heart shapes is featured in this font, perfect for displaying your love as a pair in a beautiful way.

·        Paper Tiger Script:

Due to its beautiful flower imagery, the Paper Tiger Script font is ideal for more elaborate wedding invites. Paper Tiger Script Elegant and up-to-date, the calligraphy font style is a sophisticated choice for any project. Consider using a dancing baseline of these beautiful script typefaces for your wedding invitation.

·        Exmouth:

If you are looking for a more readable script font, Exmouth is the best option. Using a slanted font for a wedding invitation makes it look more polished.

·        Nicole White Signature:

Using natural writing approaches, this font family offers a variety of font styles with swashes and floral decorations for all of your lovely crafting endeavors.

·        Frances:

Modern wedding invitation font Frances can be used to create a classy and refined invitation design.